About bux

What we do

bux is a mobile app that has one big ambition: to make moving money easy.

Our app gives customers quick access to safe, secure money transfers, global remittance, funds withdrawals, international calls, mobile top-up, bill payments if you’re in the Philippines, and much more.

bux is an Australian company that was established 10 years ago, starting out with just a remittance service. Today bux is an advanced mobile wallet, integrating multiple products and service options into one application, operating in over 100 countries.

How do I get bux?

Downloading the app is easy and quick. Just head to the App Store or Play Store. Once that is done, load your bux account through one of our bank partners including Visa and MasterCard or at one of our retail cash payment centres in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. If you need to find a retail cash payment centre, simply look in your app’s Location Finder.

With your account loaded, you can pay just about anyone in any currency by transferring money to their account, top up your or your families mobile phone and access some of the best international voice call rates all from the one easy-to-use mobile app.

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