7 tips to get settled in a new country

You have finally decided to take the leap and move to another country. You have turned in your paperwork, passed all of your interviews and you are ready to go. Before you leave, here are a few things to consider so that you can make your transition as easy as possible.


1. Do your research

Before you sign on the dotted line of your new employment contract, make sure you know what you are getting into. Many expat work contracts are for two years. Some may be even longer. That is a rather large amount of time to commit to a country if you have never lived there before.

So before making any decisions, do some research. Create a list of potential countries in which you would consider working. Find out about the culture, weather and living conditions in each. Do some research about how far your money will stretch. Ask friends and relatives if they have experiences there or know people who do. Collect as much information as possible so that you know what to expect from the beginning.


2. Understand your employment

Your arrival will go much more smoothly if you are clear on the terms of your employment. Make certain to understand:

  • Who will handle your visa
  • If someone will meet you at the airport
  • When you are expected to report to work
  • Where you will live and whether this is included in your employment
  • How long your contract will last
  • What your expected work hours are

Understanding these things will make your arrival less confusing and will allow you to focus on preparing to succeed at your new job.


3. Make your space “home”

Regardless of how much or how little you bring with you, it is a good idea to “set up” right away. Put away your clothing and grooming supplies. Whether you will have your own place or will be sharing with others, establish which spaces are yours. If you don’t have kitchen utensils, cooking supplies and bathroom essentials, make it a priority to get these items right away on your first day. Don’t forget to consider personalising your space in some way. You can place pictures of your loved ones around or add unique touches to make it feel homey.


4. Establish communication options

Moving to a new country can be lonely. Even when you are surrounded by people, there probably are few, to no familiar faces in that crowd. To make sure you stay connected to family and friends establish early on which options you have for keeping in touch with loved ones. bux has a number of great options for keeping in touch with bux international calling, pre-paid mobile recharge and free calling and messaging bux2bux.

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5. Learn the language

Even if it is not required, learning the language of your new host nation will go a long way toward making yourself more comfortable. Perhaps you may not ever achieve fluency, but you will feel a lot less isolated if you can order your own meals, say hello and introduce yourself. And it may impress your employer as well.


6. Make plans for finances

For many, the appeal of working abroad is the ability to earn higher wages and send money home. Make a budget soon after you arrive. It may take a little time to understand exactly how much your monthly needs will be in a new economy, so start tracking your expenses straight away.

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7. Find a social life

Your new job may require long hours and you may find yourself exhausted at the end of each day. As tempting as it may be to simply go to bed each night, it is important to have a bit of a social life as well. Connecting with others will help keep you in good spirits, even when things are difficult. Take advantage of your multicultural life by making friends from around the world. But don’t forget to also try making friends of your own culture. Sometimes hearing your native tongue is the best remedy for a long day.


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