bux customers talk the benefits of using the app

bux is the payment application making life easy for the thousands of workers across the globe that are making money overseas.

The app means they can send money back home to family without hassle, all through the convenience of their own smartphone or mobile device.

Here are some examples of people living and working overseas who are using bux to simplify their lives.


No more bank queues to send money home

Ma Cynthia Alarte is a 32-year-old domestic helper from the Phillipines who is currently working in Hong Kong. Previously, she was lining up in busy banks to send money home.

But now Ma is able to do this from her phone, making life simpler and freeing up her time.

"It's very convenient sending money on your phone," she says.

"Before I was queueing up at the bank to do my remittance. Now it is very easy for me to send money home.”

"Also, my beneficiary is happy that they can receive the confirmation of my transactions. I encourage all of my fellow overseas workers to try bux."


bux means no more experimenting with payment methods

Maria Emma C. Cena is also from the Philippines, with the 47-year-old working in Hong Kong as a domestic helper as well. Before bux, Maria tried a range of methods, including cash pick ups, bank transactions and various traditional platforms.

Now that she has tried bux, Maria said the platform is her money-sending app of choice.

"With bux it is a lot more easy. There is no need to travel, no need to go to the shops, no need to queue," she says. "This is important to me."


A payment app that is easy for anyone to pick up and use

Zulfa Imoet is a 28-year-old from Indonesia, working in the business sector in Hong Kong. She heard about bux while speaking with other overseas workers in Causeway Bay, and liked what she heard.

"I got it and started to learn how to use it. It was so easy and nice using the application," she said.

"It is very comfortable to use, you just use your mobile phone and don't lose any time.”


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