bux customers tell us their tips for settling into a new country

f you have ever wanted to move to another country for work one thing on your mind might be how do you make a new place feel like home? Last week, bux was out and about in Hong Kong talking to customers, and we asked what their tips were for settling into life in this bustling city. 


“I joined Cantonese course and then made time practice with friends. I also joined Facebook group to share the experience which helped me a lot.” 



“For me I have made a real effort to socialize with Indonesian community. This has helped me get comfortable, create a good relationship with my employer and enjoy living here.” 


Puii Utami

“The most important thing for me was to remember why I was going to Hong Kong. The dream, family… It’s been important to remember this when things get tough. 

Also, positive thinking, making friends and doing free course in things like make-up, sewing and entrepreneurship have also help me feel at home.” 


Tika Nisa

“There are many Indonesian people are living in Hong Kong and whenever there is a holiday there is lots of expat events that we can go to and gather together like a family. Being part of this family has really helped me.” 



“Living in Hong Kong is so tuff, but I am working to earn for my family, so this keeps me motivated, even though I am always missing them. I have been able to settle in because I have found I really enjoying living in Hong Kong. Everything is so convenient, you can get whatever you want… it is heaven for shopping.”



“Settling into Hong Kong has been about connecting with other Indonesian’s living in Hong Kong, we are like a family, and we all make an effort to connect every week on our day off.” 

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