bux customers tell us what they love about living in Hong Kong.

When you make the move to another country for work you get to discover a new place. From the food, to the architecture, to meeting new people.

Recently bux was out and about in Hong Kong catching up with some of our bux customers, so we decided to ask them what they loved about living in Hong Kong.


Siti M

“It [Hong Kong] is a beautiful place and has many fast-convenient choices of transportation, so you can get around the city. I also enjoy the different seasons.”



“I like the buildings, the mountains because I love hiking, the market because its clean and easy and the transportation. I really like that even though it’s a metropolitan city you can still enjoy the nature. Like going into fairy tale.”



“I really love Hong Kong and don’t want to go back home. Here my employer treats me as good as my own family.”



“I like working in Hong Kong because of holidays, you can take a day off and if you don’t take a day off you receive compensation. Having time off though means you can meet more friends.”



"It's really amazing. There are 1,001 challenges in working in Hong Kong, but I have liked learning about the culture, especially how people interact and communicate.”



“I have got good employer who treats me like family and every month can earn own income to help family at home”


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