Finding work as domestic helper in Hong Kong

Making the leap from one country to another, or even just from Mainland China to Hong Kong, to find work, can be an anxious experience. However, it can also connect you with a range of possibilities, and to a far better quality of life for you and your family. Managing the trade-off between these two conflicting elements is key to success as a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

But how can you find and engage with the opportunities that are available in Hong Kong? If you have migrated from a different country, it can be difficult to quickly integrate with the culture and the opportunities in your new home, so what is the best way to achieve this transition quickly and easily?

A platform like HelperPlace could provide the answer.


HelperPlace's advantage to domestic helpers

It should first be noted that HelperPlace is not a recruitment agency.

It is a social platform and communication facilitator designed to help domestic workers showcase their skills and get in touch with the right sort of employers for them. Key advantage is its ability to match ideal work placement for them.

Just like on any social media platform, users of HelperPlace begin by filling out their online profile. They can add pictures, personal information and professional information in order to give prospective employers as much detail as possible regarding their suitability for the roles in question.

The result is a far more relaxed environment in which workers can weigh up the different options open to them, and communicate with possible employers without first being tied down to a contract or other obligation. What's more, the signing up process is totally free; HelperPlace aims to assist migrant workers and support them on their journey towards employment in Hong Kong, and therefore charge their domestic workers no fees for using the HelperPlace website.

Once signed up, domestic workers can contact employers directly or browse advertised jobs as they appear on


How does HelperPlace work for employers?

Employers’ sign up for HelperPlace in much the same way as employees do. They simply create a profile and then begin to post jobs via their account. The basic version of HelperPlace is free for employers, just as it is for those seeking work; however, domestic employers may decide to pay a subscription fee for additional premium capabilities.

The aim is communication. HelperPlace does not serve to promote the credentials of one employer over another, it is merely designed to provide a platform on which employers and workers can get together and form the partnerships they need.


Supporting family by sending money home

Domestic workers in Hong Kong will very often find that they must both support the family who has travelled with them while also sending money home. This can be tricky without the right tools and platforms in place, which is what makes bux such a valuable addition to the life of a migrant worker.

The bux app is downloadable on both the App Store and Play Store. The app is specifically designed to facilitate easy international money transfers, offering high levels of convenience, accompanied by the cheapest fees and competitive rates that migrant workers really need.

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