Heading to the land down under remains a top choice for OFW

Ever wondered why Australia is one of the world's most popular locations for OFWs? With an estimated 20% of the population having emigrated from a different country and with so much to offer there's no second guessing why Australia is a favourite destination.

Here are a couple more reasons why Australia is a top pick for overseas foreign workers.


Convenient worldwide transport connections

All of Australia’s major cities have frequent airline services all over the world. Geographically Australia is much closer to Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines than Europe or the USA.

Australia is served by several international budget airlines including Air Asia and Jet Star and you can often find some very affordable deals to transport hubs such as Singapore, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. This greatly reduces the stress and expense of travelling back home and helps to make Australia a more attractive location than many other countries for foreign workers from the Asia Pacific region.


Plenty of jobs and generous wages

Australia welcomes foreign workers for many types of work such as fruit picking and farm work, construction, kitchen, and domestic help. Unlike some other countries, it’s possible to find work even if you don’t have specific qualifications or skills.

The economy in Australia is strong and there is an excess of jobs that need filling in service-based industries such as mining, construction and agriculture. There may even be the opportunity for you to undergo training for more skilled positions and increase earnings significantly over time.

You’ll probably find that wages in Australia are also much higher than those for the same type of jobs in your own country, making it much easier and faster to save money to send back home to your family.


Great infrastructure

Australia’s cities have excellent public transport and it’s easy and affordable to travel by train, tram, or bus in city areas and the surrounding suburbs.

Utilities and power are reliable and it’s easy to stay in contact with friends and family back home with many affordable services such as international telephone plans and money transfer services to send funds back home.


Stunning beaches

Australia boasts some of the world’s best beaches. What's more, because they are all free and easily reached from all major cities, a beach day makes for a great recreational activity on your days off.

Heading to the beach is Australia’s favourite national activity and there’s something there for everyone, whether you’re into water sports like surfing, nature walks, or simply enjoying a barbecue and lounging on the sand.


Pleasant climate

Workers from countries in the tropics often struggle when working in Europe and the USA due to the cold winters and lack of sunshine.

In contrast, Australia has a much more enjoyable climate, with northern cities enjoying a tropical climate similar to that of neighbouring Indonesia.

The Eastern and Southern cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, have a more temperate climate but generally experience hot summers and mild winters.


Friendly locals and vibrant communities

Australians are known worldwide for their friendliness and laidback attitude and this can make a big difference, especially if you will be working with a family and living in their home.

Australia’s major cities are bustling and cosmopolitan, with people from all different nationalities and cultural backgrounds making up the population.

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to make friends with other people from your home country easily and there is no shortage of restaurants and supermarkets specializing in local cuisines from around the world.


Great support structure

As Australia is so popular with foreign workers, there is no shortage of agencies that can help you to find work and deal with practicalities such as arranging flights, accommodation, and the day-to-day realities of working overseas.


There are already thousands of international workers living in Australia. So you won’t have to look too far for a friendly face and get advice from someone who’s going through the same experiences as you.

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