How technology has made living away from home easier

(Almost!) Everything starts with a mobile phone.


Today, mobile phones have become an extension of nearly everyone’s lives.


They are the one item we wouldn't leave the home without! Its crazy to think that there was a time when these little life savers didn’t exist. In the analogue world, there were things that we can do today from our phones, that we just couldn’t do 10 years ago. The good news is if you have a smart phone life living in a different country is a whole lot easier than ever, especially with mobile money applications like bux.



Making calls to family and friends

Not that long ago that your options for talking with family and friends when you were in another country were limited to making phone calls to and from a land line. International calls often required an international calling card, and your money didn’t go very far.


While mobiles have made life easier, one problem when calling home from your mobile is the need to pay much higher rates for international calls. Sometimes international rates can be three to four times that of national or local call. But with the bux app’s International Calling service, you can get call credit at some of the lowest rates available, and make international calls to any number from your mobile phone cheap and easy.



Easier money transfers

Sending money home used to mean standing in long queues at the bank or a retail remittance service, only being able to send money during business hours and paying huge transfer fees that ate into your hard-earned cash.


But thanks to technology and the bux app all of this is now a thing of the past. bux simplifies the process of sending money home and makes it accessible from your phone – anywhere, anytime.


Plus, once you get the bux app you won’t be wasting your money on fees because bux has the cheapest money transfer fees in the market. This along with competitive FX rates, using bux means that you can send more money home.



Recharging a pre-paid mobile phone anywhere in the world

When was the last time someone was out of mobile phone credit when you needed to call them? Happens all the time. And when you are away from home its vital that you can keep your or your families mobile phone topped up with credit, wherever you are.


With bux, you can recharge pre-paid mobiles with no fuss. The bux app lets you add credit to pre-paid mobiles in over 130 countries worldwide all from the app using your bux account balance.



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