How to have a homely festive season away from home

So how do you make somewhere that isn’t home feel like home during the festive season? Here are some helpful tips to help you have a great Christmas wherever you happen to be.


Get local info

Head to a local information centre. Here you’ll find a much more in-depth overview of sights, sounds and venues than you’ll get from guide or website. Such places also tend to hire people who can speak a range of languages too, very handy when you’re after specifics about expat gathering places for some festive spirit.


Organise a call home

Even if it’s only for five minutes, talking to the people you care about and hearing familiar voices can sweep away any lurking homesickness. So, organise a time, that way all the important people can make sure they’ve congregated in one place and can huddle around the phone at the other end when your call comes through.



If you’re feeling lost during the holidays, don’t forget that there are plenty of people feeling far more lost than you; and they’re locals. So, if you really want to shake off the blues, go to a local homeless shelter or orphanage and offer to help. Make a few meals, play a few games; whatever makes life easier for them and a bit more meaningful for you.


Get out of your comfort zone

Nothing washes away pangs of homesickness faster than a shot of adrenaline. If your budget allows, latch onto one of the local adventure attractions – bungee jumping, white water rafting, off-roading, mountain biking, scuba diving, or whatever else they have on offer. And remember, loads of online sites offer big discounts on such attractions, so shop online before you approach any operators directly.


Play music

It might seem obvious, but sometimes when we’re a bit down, we tend to wallow in it in pensive silence. Whether it’s headphones when you’re out and about or in your room, massage your mind with soothing music as much as you can.


Decorate your room with a bit of festive colour

And no, we’re not suggesting you drag a tree into your room! But if Christmas is important to you, there’s no harm in adding a few merry decorations and family photos to cheer up your home away from home.


Make sure you have plenty of bux

The bux app is an expats best friend allowing you to send money all over the world. Make sure you have your bux account toped up with funds ready to send money home for your family, to make sure everyone has mobile credit so they are their when you call or to buy international calling credit to make that all-important Christmas day call.


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