In-demand jobs, professions and industries for OFWs in 2017

The demand for foreign workers is growing. Statistics from Hong Kong show that, thanks to an aging population, an additional 14,000 workers will be required before the beginning of 2018.

If you are looking for work abroad here are the skills and qualifications in demand across the globe. 


Hong Kong

The jobs market in Hong Kong, as mentioned above, is feeling the effects of a below-par birth rate and an aging population.

The main area of growth in terms of job opportunities in Hong Kong is in medium-skilled positions. Hong Kong is seeking to develop its reputation as a society and economy which values knowledge. In 2017, it is candidates with upper secondary and sub-degree level qualifications find themselves in the highest demand.



In Australia, the jobs in demand are easy to find as Australia’s Visa Bureau provides a list of which professions are in need of migrant labour .

The bureau divides its labour needs into four categories; Managers and Administrators, Associate Professionals and Professionals and Tradespersons.

Over 40 professional positions are classed as in-demand in Australia. These include a wide range of computing professional positions, electrical engineers, accountants, architects, auditors, pharmacists, mining engineers and speech pathologists.

The Tradesperson category features a similarly extensive list of in-demand jobs, ranging from bakers, brick layers, floor finishers, joiners, housekeepers, lift mechanics, air conditioning plumbers, motor mechanics and drainers, through to tree surgeons, roof slaters and tillers, gasfitters, electricians and general plumbers, vehicle painters and welders.


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