Inside Hong Kong: what makes it a great city for foreign workers

The Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region, in China's southeast, as a reputation for big business, international commerce, glitzy shopping districts, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. But, for residents, this is only half of the story; read on to learn more about why Hong Kong is such a good choice for foreign migrant workers.


Ready-made community network

Over 300,000 foreign migrant workers are already living and working in Hong Kong, providing a robust sense of community and belonging to new arrivals. This is important, after all, our long term aim is certainly to integrate with the local community and to make our contribution, but, initially, we need to speak to people who have experienced the same upheaval and anxiety of moving as we have. What's more, with modern social networks and digital platforms, communicating with these groups need not be so difficult.


Organisations to provide assistance to those in need

Most migrants will not need additional help and support, but it is nice to know that it is there as and when it is required. Organisations such as, and Bethune House provide precisely this assistance to migrant workers in Hong Kong, and represent the warmer and more caring side to life as a migrant in this part of the world.


Exemplary public transport

When you arrive in Hong Kong, what do you do? Well, you need to get around, you need to get to work, you need to get used to the local surroundings in your neighbourhood. All of this requires you to rely, at least to some extent, on public transport.

Fortunately for you, public transport links in Hong Kong are excellent. Everything from minibuses to taxis to coaches to ferries to tramways is on hand to take you wherever you want to go. For travelling further afield, you have several international airports and one of the biggest shipping hubs in the world right on your doorstep.


Great consular access

Moving to a new country to live and work can be daunting, and you certainly will not want to feel disconnected from home. What's more, even once you have achieved the status of resident within Hong Kong, you will still be a citizen of your original country and may need to acquire consular services from your embassy.

This is another aspect which makes Hong Kong such a wonderful place for migrant workers. This is one of the most well-connected cities with an unrivalled number of consulate offices and services, there are 62 consulates-general, 59 consulates and six officially recognised bodies in Hong Kong, which, between them, cover 115 countries.


Food, food, food

Hong Kong is one of the worlds culinary destinations. While it boasts some top restaurants, Hong Kong’s vibrant food culture means that there is great food around every corner. There are amazing food markets and street stalls, and weekend Yum Cha is a must I you have the day off.


Digital support

While moving to a different country has always been a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, the process is now much simpler and much more straight forward than it used to be. This is thanks, greatly, to advances in technology, particularly digital technology.

Migrants can now use digital platforms such as to connect directly with friends and family back home. With bux you can access international calling at great rates, pre-paid mobile recharge so you can ensure your loved one’s phones always have credit, and if they have a bux account too you can enjoy free call and messaging all from the bux app.


These are just a few of the factors which point towards Hong Kong as your ideal choice for living and working abroad.

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