Keeping in touch over the festive season has never been easier thanks to bux.

The festive season: it’s different things to different people, but it’s mostly about family. If you’re away from family while working or holidaying in foreign places, you need ways to keep in touch easily and cheaply. With bux in your pocket, talking to family and friends anywhere in the world is simple.


All you need is a mobile phone

Remember the days before mobile phones? Letters were old news by the time they reached home and trying to make a call to loved ones from a foreign country was not the work of a moment, especially at Christmas. ‘Trunk calls’ as they were dubbed often meant standing in long queues at pay phones and then fumbling about with pre-paid cards or, worse, pockets full of coins while an agitated queue of people waited behind you for their turn. It was restive, not festive, so thank goodness things have changed. A mobile phone is now your easy link to the world wherever you are.


Low cost international calls

With bux, you have access to some of the lowest international call rates on the market. It’s all there in your bux app; you can literally make the call from there and pay for it from your bux account. No fuss or messing around with calling cards.

To get international calling credit on the bux app, simply tap the International Calling icon, fill in your details, and then dial. It’s that easy and, best of all; it’s cheaper than using a landline.


Top-up your mobile phone

With bux mobile top up, you can recharge any pre-paid mobile phone quick and easy in more than 130 countries. No messing around trying to decipher local pre-paid cards and call rates. No running out of load at the worst possible time. With the bux app, you can reload your phone on the spot with money paid instantly from your bux account.


Top up your family’s phone

They might be in Sydney and you might be in Shanghai, but with bux it’s no problem to top up your family’s phones anywhere, any time. Simply tap the Mobile Top Up icon, select country and currency, and dial. Easy! No need to transfer money to the kids to charge their phones. No forgetful kids letting their phones run out of load. With bux, you can make sure everyone is in the loop and reachable.


Free international calls and text to anyone on bux

Yes, you read correct; if all your family and friends have the bux app on their phone, you can talk and text them absolutely free from anywhere in the world. It’s easy for loved ones to set up an account, so it makes perfect sense to get everyone on bux.

The bux app helps to make everyone feel close even when you’re far away. At Christmas, that’s more important than ever.


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