Sending money home for the festive season.

It’s called the Festive Season, but it’s also the Frenzy Season and everyone is in a mad rush, and your scrambling to get everything done before that all-important December 25 deadline.

That’s the Festive Season. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s about family, friends and celebration. Unfortunately, it can be a pretty stressful time. So here are a few ways bux can make life a bit easier if you're planning to send money to loved ones.


Send money in minutes

You might be a living in the Australia with kids back in Philippines. Or maybe you live in the UK and your parents are still living in your home country.

Well, whatever the circumstances and whoever you want to surprise, buy presents or help-out at Christmas, you can send them money quickly and easily with the bux app. In just a few simple steps you can send money to over 35 countries across the globe in a few minutes. Great at most times of the year, but don’t forget the Festive Season isn’t most times of the year.


Send money early

Don’t leave it until the last minute. With bux, you can make sure the money is sent and received in minutes to a couple of days depending on where you are sending money to. But if your recipient is like most people at Christmas – wishing there were 26 hours in the day – sending your money a week in advance lets them get the funds before they get run off their feet. Who knows, it might even lift a financial load and help them cover the cost of things they had no way of covering. An early Christmas present!


Avoid the inevitable queues

That’s the other thing; the closer we get to Christmas, the more demand there is for money and the more strain there is on every service your family and friends use to access money. That means queues. We can’t change the rush for money at Christmas, but with bux, you can send money to over 35 countries directly from your mobile phone, so no standing in a que to send your money home!


Get your first international money transfer free!

Finally, as a big thank you from bux for joining our global community, your first international money transfer will be completely fee-free. After all, every dollar counts and there’s nothing worse than being hit with huge fees when you send money home. And when we say, “huge fees” we’re really talking about our competitors because bux money transfer fees are the lowest in the market. In other words, even once you’ve enjoyed your first fee-free transfer, your ongoing transfers will be easy, cheap and pain-free.


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