The benefits of working abroad

Thinking about starting a new life in a different country? Mention this to friends and family and you are probably going to be met with a conflicting response. Some are going to be worried, some will be excited, some will ask you to reconsider, and some will help you with what you need ahead of the journey.

However, one consensus you will experience is this; the process won't always be an easy one.

The life you experience as a migrant worker won't always be easy. There will be long hours, perhaps a six-day working week, and looking after your family will eat into your spare time.

However, there are rewards too... great rewards.

As the planet becomes more mobile, life is getting easier for migrants. There are plenty of advantages to be had and, for those who don't mind working hard, a vastly improved quality of life can be achieved for you, your family and for generations to come.


Growing opportunities

In certain key markets around the world, opportunities are growing for migrants who are looking for work. What's more, they are diversifying, with different positions at all levels now becoming available to migrants.

In Australia, for example, the Visa Bureau now makes it very clear which industries and areas are experiencing the biggest demand for migrant labour.

Meanwhile, other areas such as Hong Kong and Macau are experiencing similarly high levels of demand in some professions and labour sectors. These available positions run the full gamut of skill levels, ranging from relatively low skill requirements to highly specialised educational backgrounds. To put it plainly, you should find it relatively easy to find a position which suits you, whatever your background.


Good pay

Provided that you find a suitable employer in your target region, the pay you receive abroad may be higher than the salary you could receive in your home country. Nations such as Hong Kong and Australia have minimum wage rates in place, basically securing a set level for monthly earnings.

Singapore, on the other hand, do not provide such guarantees in terms of salary, but the state does enjoy relatively high levels of pay for its employed citizens, making it a similarly attractive option for migrants.


Better quality of life

Pay is one of the factors that helps us to gauge quality of life, but it is certainly not the only one. The ratio of average pay to cost of living, the access to high quality health care, to healthy food, to quality education for kids, teens and adults, effective law enforcement and public safety; these are all elements which come together to create a positive environment in which to raise a family.

By finding the right job, industry and position, and by choosing your target area wisely, you can secure this improved quality of life for you and your family. This is what you need; and this is the advantage that working abroad can provide to you.


Many digital tools on-hand to make life easier

As we discussed above, migrating is getting easier. This is thanks to the digital world and to the way in which we are now far better connected than we once were.

Another major stress that migrant workers used to encounter was having to visit bricks and mortar offices on their days off in order to send money home. This is no longer the case thanks to ingenious mobile applications like bux, which make sending money home easy. With the bux app and a few taps you can send money anytime, to just about anywhere, from your mobile.


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