The Best Countries to Migrate to in the World

If you live in a country with a low average salary and tempted to look for work overseas? You are not alone!

Many workers from countries including China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, choose to find a job overseas as they can make a lot more money even in basic manual jobs, and provide a better quality of life for their families back home.

If you’re thinking about emigrating to another country to work, you may well want to consider one from this list. These countries are consistently rated highly by other overseas workers for job opportunities and living conditions.


1. Australia

Australia offers similar working conditions to America, Canada, the UK, and other European countries, but is much closer to Southeast Asia, making it more convenient for workers from countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

There are also a lot of job opportunities for overseas workers in Australia, particularly in industries such as construction and agriculture. Because of this, there are friendly communities of workers representing several Asian countries in most of Australia’s major cities.

One potential downside to Australia is that the excellent quality of life the country offers is offset by a high cost of living. This could mean that you end up spending more on your own expenses than sending back home and you’ll have to budget carefully.


2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a great demand for domestic helpers, usually working privately for a family and working in their home. There are also plenty of job openings for drivers, chefs, and engineering and technical positions for workers from overseas.

Due to its location and cultural links, Hong Kong is a naturally appealing location for workers from China. However, it is also close enough to the Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries to be more convenient and cheaper for airline connections than some other countries.


3. Singapore

Another Asian country with a favourable location, Singapore is ideal for Malaysians who can travel home cheaply overland. It is also convenient for Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Like Hong Kong, there’s a great demand for domestic service workers and wages are high.

The country is very clean and safe and the population consists of a melting pot of people of Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnic groups, meaning workers from many different Asian countries will feel at home here.


4. United Kingdom 

There is a high demand in the UK for skilled jobs in certain areas such as nursing and healthcare, IT, and Engineering, and there are also positions for au pairs looking after children in a family home. Many workers choose the UK as their number one option due to the opportunities for career progression and the good wages (although the cost of living is also high, especially in London).

UK cities are rich in culture and home to people from many different ethnic backgrounds. Indian, Chinese, and other Asian ethnic groups make up around 10% of the population and there are mini "towns" representing these countries in most of the major cities with supermarkets, restaurants, and shops selling food and other items to help ease the homesickness of newly transplanted workers.


5. Germany

Germany is frequently cited as one of the countries with the highest standard of living worldwide and benefits from a booming economy. Germany is also ideally located for travel to other countries in Europe and is part of the Schengen treaty, meaning once you are granted a German visa you can travel to any other country in the Schengen area (most of Europe) for tourism.

Expats in Germany describe it as a clean and safe country and the cost of living is cheaper than several of it's other European neighbours. The jobs market in Germany is open to foreign workers and there's a particular demand for skills in engineering, IT, and the medical field. There are also jobs available in the service sector and plenty of seasonal work such as fruit picking. While English is widely spoken and understood in Germany, German language skills are usually necessary for skilled workers.

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