Things to do in Hong Kong on your day off

Hong Kong is a heady mix of all things both modern and traditional. This global financial capital is bursting at its seams with entertainment offerings and cultural activities. So, if you’ve got a day off, check out some of the most exciting experiences Hong Kong has to offer.


1. Take the Star Ferry

While this might not be on everyone’s to-do list, we’ve put it on our list simply because it’s the best way to relax and take in some of the most fascinating sights along Hong Kong’s harbour. Don’t just hop on any ferry. Look for the ‘Shining Star’ double-decker ferry. It’s got all the bells and whistles to keep you super comfortable on your cruise along Victoria Harbour.


2. Head to Ashley Road

In a city that’s teeming with scores of restaurants, markets, and eateries, it’s really challenging to know where to go! But if you’ve got the day off and have a big appetite, head right to Hong Kong’s busy food precinct, Ashley Road. This place is packed to capacity with restaurants and bars specialising in multi-cultural fare. Whether you’re German, Hungarian, or Bulgarian, it doesn’t matter. You’ll certainly find something to tingle your palette and kill those hunger pangs.


3. Walk Down Nathan Road

Thinking of a way to escape all your work-related worries and other concerns? How about some window shopping! Take a walk down Nathan Road located in Hong Kong’s popular Tsim Sha Sui district and get ready for distractions galore. It’s here you’ll come across a plethora of Asian street label boutiques, luxurious malls like iSQUARE and an endless array of shops selling memorabilia, jewelry, digital accessories and more. I


4. Take a Ride on the Peak Tram

Don’t really feel like you’re on top of the world? We have a solution. It’s called the Peak Tram. Take this highly-recommended cable-hauled funicular to the highest point on Hong Kong island and enjoy the views as you ascend to the top.


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