What does bux do best?

With all the options out there for international money transfers, bux stands out from the crowd.

Why? Because the bux app offers customers the cheapest transfer fees, competitive FX rates, a safe and secure service, plus the convenience of anytime, anywhere. Plus, the bux app offers you more than just a remittance service.

You can get the bux app today at the App Store or Play Store.

So, let's have a look at that in more detail.


Easy international money transfers at the lowest prices on the market

With bux, you can transfer money to over 35 countries with the lowest transfer fees on the market. Every dollar counts and if you’re not getting punished with high fees every time you send money home or help someone out overseas, it makes sending money a lot less painful. bux even makes it easy for the receiver, they can receive the money transfer in cash, via a bank account, a mobile wallet or they can withdraw it from an ATM depending on the country they are in.

As you’d expect, plenty of our competitors do remittances, but they don’t offer the same easy options and competitive fee structures and that’s where they start to fall over in comparison to bux.


Easy pre-paid mobile recharge

Okay, there are a few companies that offer mobile recharge, but at bux, we think about all the different ways the bux app could make life easy for you. With bux mobile top up, you can recharge any pre-paid mobile phone quick and easy in more than 130 countries directly from the app. This means you can load your bux account in the one country and currency and add mobile credit to a phone in another county and currency. Whether it’s for yourself, a family member far away, or a friend. What could be easier, quicker and more convenient than that!


International calls at super cheap rates

Oops, suddenly all our competitors have disappeared! But if the buck has to stop with bux, so be it. We’ll let you call over 200 countries at some of the lowest international calling rates and all via the bux app. Purchasing international calling credit through the app take just a few seconds and is all done from your mobile phone using your bux account balance. With the bux app, you no longer need to go to a store to buy an international calling card.


Easy withdrawals

Again, bux is the only app offering you far more than just basic remittance options. With bux you can withdraw funds from your bux account to your bank account for easy ATM withdrawals. With a network of retail locations globally, you’re bound to find a handy place to get quick cash as well. If you happen to be in the UK, you can buy Amazon gift cards using your bux account balance making it easy to shop online.

Your withdrawal options do vary from country to country, so make sure you check the app for the options available where you happen to be.


Bill payments to the Philippines? No problem

Well, with bux anyway. The bux app makes it easy to pay bills in the Philippines. You can pay instantly or schedule payments for when bills are due. Easy!

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