What makes the UK a dream destination for foreign workers?

The United Kingdom remains one of the most popular destinations for migrants and continues to welcome more immigrants than any other nation in the world. So, what really makes it a magnet for those heading to another country to live and work?

With the economy growing over the years, there has been increase in demand for both low and high skilled labour, and foreign workers from developing or emerging economies continue to apply for migration to the UK. But there are a few other factors that make the UK a dream destination.


Family and community networks

The UK has a long history of welcoming migrants from all over the world. This means that many people who choose to move to the UK for work will already have relatives, friends or an acquaintance living and working there already. This means that people will have a support network when they arrive making it easier to pursue jobs and settle down into their new lifestyle.


Jobs where foreign worker are in demand

Although foreign-born workers find employment in a diverse range of occupations, there are certain occupations that employ a high number of foreign workers. According to research conducted by the Labour Force Survey in 2015, the food product manufacturing industry had the highest share of foreign-born workers (41%). The apparel manufacturing industry had the second-highest share of foreign-born workers (34%). So, it’s the availability of jobs that makes this country very attractive.


English is a common second language

Given English is a popular second language in many countries, migrants who speak English as a second language prefer relocating to the UK instead of heading to France, Germany or any non-native English speaking countries.


London. London. London.

The country’s capital is home to world class shopping malls, educational institutions, medical centres and more. It’s a multi-cultural city that has an entire range of entertainment options on offer. We can’t be entirely sure whether it’s the infrastructure, the art, and culture, or the endless dining options that attract scores of people every year but there are undoubtedly many things that make this city very special.


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