With bux, your money always gets there safe and sound.

We understand that as a hardworking person doing all you can to provide for your family, you’ve made some big sacrifices. When the opportunity arose, you even accepted work offshore far from your family to help secure their future even more.

These are big sacrifices. Every dollar you’ve earned is therefore that much more precious. We understand that you want total assurance your money is safe at bux.

Its why at bux uses multiple layers of protection – passwords, mobile verification codes, multiple IDs and, just as importantly, encrypted data. We’ll explain all these in a minute, but basically all these layers of protection are like having five heavily locked doors leading to a safety deposit box; all with different keys or passcodes.


Verification codes

After you download the bux app – and before you can complete sign up – we’ll send a verification code to your mobile phone via SMS. You can’t finish sign up until you open the SMS and enter the code; a tried and true way to ensure it really is you signing up.

For further protection, each time you make a money transfer, a verification code will be sent to your phone; multi-layers of security for every transaction you make.



Every time you access your bux account, you need to enter a personal password before the app will open. It might be slightly annoying, but without it, your money isn’t 100% safe. If you lose your phone, no one can access your bux account without a password.

Choose a password you can remember and one that only you will know. Which means don’t choose birthdays, family names or any other easily accessible information. Make it your own personal ‘Open Sesame.’


Your bux identification

Before transacting with bux, we make certain that you are who you say you are. This is to protect you. We ask for two primary IDs, such as passport and driver’s license. We then ask for secondary IDs, such as bank statements and utility bills. If everything cross-correlates and stacks up, we let you open your account.


Encrypted data

Basically, encrypted data is a bit like invisible ink, but not really. It’s a lot higher tech than that, but it does mean that all your info and transactions on bux are 100 per cent safe and secure.


Instant support

If you’re ever worried about a transaction or possible security issue, help is just a few taps away. For instant contact with a real person in bux customer support, simply swipe your bux home screen left or tap the hamburger menu then tap Support.

A chat screen will appear straightaway and our friendly bux support staff will be there to discuss your issue.

Plus, if anything does go wrong like you accidently send money to the wrong account, because you mix a five up with a four on a beneficiaries account number, bux has a money back guarantee, so we will credit back your account, minus any fix fees, so you are never out of pocket.


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