About bux

bux is a fintech company that has one big ambition: to make moving money easy.

Our app gives customers quick access to safe, secure money transfers, global remittance, funds withdrawals, international calls, mobile top-up, bill payments to the Philippines, and much more.

bux is an Australian company that was established 10 years ago, starting out with just a remittance service. Today, bux is an advanced mobile wallet, integrating multiple products and service options into one application, operating in over 100 countries, with over 50 staff across three offices – Sydney (corporate office), Hong Kong and Cebu the Philippines.

Our People

Andrew Webber
Managing Director
Responsible for leading the development and implementation of the bux global strategy and overseeing day-to-day operational management. With an emphasis on technology, product development and deployment.
Chris Webber
Executive Director and Head of Investor Relations
Responsible for a broad remit at bux, with a focus on product development customer take up, innovation, business strategy and finance. Chris is also responsible for investor relations.
Josephine Napoli
Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for strategic and operational finance, risk management, treasury and investor relations across the bux group.
Devere Bryan
Chief Operating Officer
Responsible for global operations, business development and revenue. Devere identifies and develops customer and partner relationships to drive strategic expansion.
Mark Sariano
Chief Technology Officer
Responsible for the architecture and infrastructure build of the bux platform and global network. Mark has been integral in creating the technical, scalable architecture which has turned the vision for bux into reality.
Danika Houghton
Chief Marketing Officer
Responsible for all aspects of global marketing and communications at bux.
Alex Happell
VP of Technology & Product Innovation
Responsible for driving innovation in the design and execution of the bux application.
Raymond Webber
Consulting Head of Strategy
Raymond is the co-founder of bux and has been working on the project from inception.
Raymond is responsible for global strategy and the expansion of the bux network footprint. This includes account loading in all forms and cash out by as many options as available in any geography.

Become a bux corporate partner

bux has a range of strategic global partnerships that enable the delivery of bux services.

From an established physical presence allowing a consumer the ability to load cash onto a bux account, for the receiver of a payment to collect cash at over 2.5 million retail locations globally and connections into over 140 million mobile wallets around the world as a digital receiving option, to telecommunication, e-commerce and bill payments.

If you are interested in becoming a bux partner please get in touch here.

Our Partners

Corporate News

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